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What to do on Social Media if Your Business is Forced to Close

What to do on social media if your business is forced to close due to current world events.

Here are a few tips for those businesses that must close their doors for a few weeks.

Don’t ghost your followers (aka don’t stop posting).

Right now, in a time when many businesses have to close, the instinct may be to shut down completely and stop posting.

But the thing is – more people are spending time on social media than before because they are either – forced to work from home, forced to not work or may need an escape if they are having to work in these times.

If you do stop posting, you WILL lose momentum and it WILL be harder to gain your reach and engagement back.

There are many ways to keep your followers engaged while you have your doors closed. Think about ways you can benefit your community with your posts.

Here are a few options to keep people in the loop, involved and interested in your business online while it is closed.

  • Chronicle if you are doing something helpful in your community.
  • Post throwback photos.
  • Share daily – in the life photos – show people what you are doing while home.
  • You can still show the processes behind what you do.
  • Entertain them with industry related memes and jokes.
  • Give tips and teach people on how to use your product or perform your service at home on their own.

Above all, ask yourself – How can I be of service to my audience during this time? What can I do to best help them? Then post about that – because that is what people will remember.

Stay consistent and you will be ready to go once you’re allowed to open your business back up to the public.

If you need more help deciding what to post check out my resource 200+ Business Boosting Posts to Double Your Reach and Engagement.

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