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Top 6 Tips to Get More Instagram Followers for Small Businesses for Free

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. As a result, businesses are also flocking to the site, as they should.

As a small business it can be difficult to know which strategies are the best for gaining followers and most importantly – making sales.

Beyond having “pretty” Instagram feed – what really works on Instagram?

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Here are 6 tips and tricks guaranteed to increase your Instagram following!

1. Pay attention to your hashtags.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. Take advantage and use as many as possible. Make sure they are relevant to your content and your niche.

And research – Instagram will tell you how many times a hashtag has been used. You want to use hashtags of varying popularity but nothing below 1,000.

You have to find the sweet spot for you. If the hashtags are too popular and your post will get lost. If they are not popular enough and you won’t get any views.

2. Engage and Follow! (Don’t unfollow)

Engage with other users in your niche.

  • On their posts
  • In DM’s
  • On their stories.

Make it a point to take some time each day and leave comments for at least 5 other users. Follow other users as well.

3. Maximize your bio.

Make the most of your short bio. Say what you want people to know first and include a call to action. Ex. “Quality fine jewelry – click the link below for 20% off your next order.”

4. Put out consistent – quality, branded content.

Post on consistent daily basis using quality content that appeals to you audience. The same colors, fonts, and photography style.

Use video or multiple photos when possible because it helps people spend more time on your content. This will signal the algorithm to show people more of your content when people spend more time with it.

5. Post at the best times of day – once a day.

Look at your audience insights to see what time of day your audience is most active and post or schedule your posts to go out at those times to ensure that more people will see your content.

6. Share your posts to your stories and post more candid content to stories often.

Every time you post – share the post to your stories to lead more people to your post.

Also use your stories to post more fun, candid and interactive content. Instagram stories offer so many options to enhance them. Play around and pick a few you like best.

I’ll also leave you with a few tips on with what NOT to do:

  • Don’t buy followers.
  • Don’t do follow for follow or “follow trees”.

Neither of these will result in quality followers that are truly interested in what you do. The only result will be an increase in numbers not an increase in sales, which is ultimately what you are after.

Start with these few tips and you will see your Instagram following grow. Did you find these tips helpful? Which will you be trying first?

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