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11 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Facebook to Increase Your Reach

Organic reach isn’t dead!

One of the biggest complaints from businesses about Facebook, especially after the latest algorithm update, is how few people see posts from their business pages.

Here are a few small actions that can help you reach more people – without paying for them to see your content.

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Stop Cross Posting from Instagram –

Yes, it is super easy to just hit that post to FB button when you’re posting over on your Insta, but it can drastically reduce how many people see that post on FB. It will be worth it to take the 5 extra minutes and post it on FB yourself.

Stop Posting Random Hashtags –

Facebook has changed its view on hashtags recently. It is now recommended to use a few hastags on FB to increase your reach. BUT, choose them carefully and stop using hashtags that have nothing to do with your post. Make them relevant to your content and amek sure they are widely enough used to gather a following.  Using a branded hashtag (ex. #MonomoySocialMedia) or one to emphasize your content ( #stopusingrandomhashtags) can work as well but not to increase reach.

Stop Using External Links as Your Main Source of Content –

FB likes content that keeps people on their platform. If you are constantly posting links that take people off of FB, the algorithm will pick up on that and you will see lower reach.

Stop Posting Inconsistently –

Posting once a day will have a huge benefit for the amount of people you reach. If folks can expect to see something from you consistently they will have a reason to visit your page therefore increasing your reach.

Stop Posting YouTube Links –

Not only is YouTube owned by a rival company, but again FB likes to keep users on the platform. Upload your videos native to FB and they will rank much higher with the algorithm as FB is intent on creating a video first platform.

Not only will you have many more options with your tags, thumbnails etc, but you can target people that have viewed your videos when you create ads.

Stop Using “Engagement Baiting” Words –

In one of their recent algorithm updates FB declared that they are cracking down on “engagement baiting” tactics. That means that words like, “share, comment, and like” are being flagged by the algorithm for lower reach now.

Try something like, “Let me know what you think of this.” instead.

Stop Requiring People to Like, Tag, and Share for Contests –

It is against FB terms of use. It can get your page disabled.


Stop Posting Too Many Times A Day –

Posting more than 3 times a day can also lower reach. Between 1 and 3 times a day is ideal. You don’t want to fatigue your followers.

Stop Leaving Your Followers Hanging –

When someone comments on a post of yours, answer them. Not only will it create goodwill, it encourages engagement. It shows FB that the content you are putting out is worth looking at when people are conversing about it.

Stop Posting Long Chunky Paragraphs –

People don’t want to read them. They get bored and skim past them. Thus, resulting in less reach for your content. Break your text up into 1 – 3 sentence paragraphs.

The more people that take the time to read your post, the more people FB will show it to.

Stop Boosting Posts –

OK, this one’s a bonus, but still applicable.

If you want to highlight a post do it the right way, through the ads manager.

Also, FB has alluded to the fact that pages that spend money on ads get more organic reach for their posts.

Above all remember; quality content beats all. If you are posting content that people find interesting and want to see and engage with, that will beat any tip listed above. Always think about the “social” part of social media first, and you will be OK!

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