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The next best thing to "done-for-you" social media.

Each month get social media templates AND copy & paste captions. PLUS, 1 hour of group coaching!

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First month Free then $75 (per month)

What if you could get your social media done each month in half the time?
With The Social Circle, there’s no need for spending hours on your social media and wondering what to post, You will get “ready to use” social media posts (graphics and captions!) each month, plus support and community, starting now!

Do you wish you could just have someone create and schedule your social media for you?

You know you should be posting for your business on social media more regularly.
But what do you post?
How can you make sure your followers are interested in what you post and get people to see it?
How do you find the time?

What if there was a way to save time each month posting on social media and not have to think about what you’re going to post?

What if you had a place where you could get all of your questions answered without having to search endlessly?

That’s exactly why I created The Social Circle. I want to help you save time, give you the support you need, and help you never run out of ideas for social media content.

I am offering this membership for only $75 per month.

First month FREE

Each Month You Will Get

Right now if you’re struggling with finding time to post on social media
and even when you do find the time you can’t come up with anything to put out there,
More often than not you find yourself forgetting to post or procrastinating
and just not posting anything at all.

Imagine if you sat down at your computer and you already knew what you were going to post.
If you could fit your social media posting into 30 mins a week!
Steal my best-performing posts proven to work well!
You can start using these Canva Templates within 5 mins of receiving them each month.

This Membership Will Help You:

sample social media post images

Who created this?

Hi, I’m Nicole Martelli Porter. Owner of Monomoy Social Media, a Social Media Marketing Agency. I have helped dozens of people create consistency and visibility on social media.

I am a chocolatier turned digital marketer, and mom of 3 boys. After getting a degree in marketing, I spent 10 years owning and marketing my own small chocolate shops.

During this time people were consistently asking me “How do you do send all those great emails?” or “I always see you on Facebook/Instagram, teach me.”

So, once the kids came along I decided to switch direction and get back to my roots and focus on marketing. I love to help smaller businesses and non-profits get their products, services, and most importantly their message, out into the world. I know firsthand how hard it can be to run a business and focus on social media marketing, but I saw the marketing power these social media platforms could have.

I created The Social Circle because I wanted to create an easy solution for other small business owners so that they could experience those same results with social media.

With This Membership You Get:

A total value of $825

Right now $75 per month for life
First month FREE 

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You Might Be Wondering:

Can this help me even if I’m not tech-savvy?

Yes! These are copy and paste posts that you can access via a link that will be delivered through email. Simply download from the email and start to use each month. (Training Video Included)

When are the monthly calls?

The 2nd Thursday of each month.

What if I miss a call?

We will be recording each call, which you will have access to in the membership area. You can also send your questions ahead of time.

Where did you get the posts?

These are my posts that I have brainstormed and actually used for my social media pages and my clients’ social media pages.

What if I can’t find the time?

I will help you identify a strategy to use on social media to save you time during our calls and the training videos.

Who could use this membership?

How do I get access to this membership?

Once you purchase you will get a user name and password in your email that will give you think links to the Canva templates, the training videos and the FB group to join!

Refund Policy – “Due to the digital nature of this product there will be no refunds after purchase, however, you can cancel your membership at any time.”

Imagine where you could be 1 month from now,

6 months from now, 1 year from now if you just start posting consistently today!

Imagine how your audience will grow and start to respond to the amazing content you start putting out.

The Social Circle

What if you never had to spend hours coming up with and posting social media content ever again?

What if you had a place where you could get all of your questions answered without having to search endlessly?

With The Social Circle, there’s no need for spending hours on your social media and wondering what to post,

You will get “ready to use” social media posts (graphics and captions!) each month, PLUS support and community, starting now!

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“When I stared working with Nicole of Monomoy Social Media Management and Consulting I had enough monthly viewers on Pinterest to count on one hand and now my page is over to 500K/month. I also had very little engagement on my Facebook business page and she’s turned that around, not only do I have more followers and shares I have followers engaging with the content.”

“She’s taken what works on my primary platforms to use with other social media channels for increased results overall. Nicole is great at getting the word out for my new offerings in a professional, consistent way that aligns with my brand.”

~Johanna Lynn

Benefits of this:

Save time with done-for-you posts – You don’t have to think about what to post – You don’t have to worry about being creative – You can ask questions when they come up – You get immediate feedback

I'm giving this away!

Do you struggle sometimes trying to figure out what to post?
Is it hard to always come up with fresh, brand new ideas?

10 Types of Posts to Use On Repeat

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