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The 5 Pillars for Effective Social Media Content

The 5 Pillars for Effective Social Media Content

Below you will find 5 easy steps small businesses can and need to take in order to bring their marketing to the next level. If they focus on making these small changes a priority in their social media marketing there will be a big change in the effectiveness of their efforts.

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  1. Simplicity

    Keep your posts easily readable. Short 2 sentence paragraphs and bullet points work well. If you have a long, chunky paragraph of text people will be more likely to scroll past your post and not take the time to read it.  Grab their attention and draw them in with your first – show stopping –  sentence. Stop the scroll & make it simple!

  2. Consistency

    Posting on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your social media presence.  Sit down weekly and come up with a plan on when you will post and what you will post. Stop the sporadic posting!

  3. Repetition

    Repeat your message. Not everyone will see each post and people need to see it a few times to take action. If you have an offer make sure you mention it once a week. Don’t mention it once and assume people have seen it. It takes many times.

  4. Interaction

    Comment, like and share other people’s posts. Social media is supposed to be social, like a conversation. Not one sided.  Take the time to truly connect with your audience and learn about them; and you will see many rewards.

  5. Quality Content

    Post a variety of content that your followers are truly interested in. This can take on a variety of forms depending on your audience. If your followers are interested and engaged with your content they will keep coming back for more.

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