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Get More Followers on Facebook – 11 Essential Steps

Are you wondering why you should even bother to invest time and energy into attracting more followers on Facebook? 

After all, isn’t the purpose of a social media account simply to post content and interact with other users? Yes, that is true for most social media accounts. 

However, if your goal is to reach as many people as possible and make money for your business then you need a large number of followers on Facebook. Here’s how to get them…   

More Facebook likes = More trust = More purchases

How to Get More Followers on Your Facebook Business Page

This article will show you 11 essential steps that will help grow your following on Facebook in no time! It also includes some helpful tips.

While there is no single specific strategy that will single handedly bring in tons of followers, using these tips will help increase the number of followers over time. 

Having a large number of followers is not an automatic indicator of success. More important is the quality of your followers. It won’t mean anything to have a ton of followers that don’t connect with and aren’t interested in your brand. So the place to start is to give people content they can use.

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1 - Create valuable content, relevant to your Facebook audience

One of the most important things you can do to increase followers is to create unique, high quality content that your target audience will genuinely find value in.

It’s not enough just to share random stuff you like or things you find interesting. You need to think about what information would be relevant and of interest to the people who support your business. 

You may know something about a topic that others don’t know. Or you may get excited about sharing a tip because you know it will delight them or help them solve a problem they are having.

Create content targeted at helping other people, and share it with them consistently so they feel connected with you as an authority figure on a particular subject matter.

2 - Add new posts on a regular schedule

Now that you’re providing quality content, be sure to consistently add more.

People will get excited to come back if they know you’ll have something new.  Set up a schedule for yourself to make sure you are delivering new content on a frequent basis. When you regularly publish good content, people will look forward to seeing it. If you make them happy over and over, it will build your credibility. You will get more followers on Facebook if people see you a lot.

TIP: Set aside the same time every week. If you stick to it you’ll get very efficient. How efficient? In this article, we describe how  you’ll be able to do your Social Media In 30 Minutes A Week!

3 - Use hashtags in your posts and stories

Facebook is including hashtags in their search algorithm.

Hashtags help bring awareness to the topics you are interested in, and they also help folks find  your content. This could mean a lot more targeted traffic for your business!

screenshot of facebook hashtag guide
Take a look at what Facebook says about hashtags

Make sure you choose the appropriate hashtag(s) based on your audience. There isn’t much point in using a hashtag that no one is likely to see or click on. You want it to be relevant to what your audience is interested in.

When considering which hashtag, think about whether it’s one people will use to search for something related to your business and brand, someone who likes what you have to offer but isn’t actively searching.

Be sure you don’t overdo keywords in one post/story. Hashtags can look kind of ugly with too many words mashed together.

4 - Share posts from other people and businesses

First of all, this will save you some time! It’s a way to “create” valuable content quickly.

With just one click on Facebook, you can share posts from other people or Cape Cod businesses with your own followers.

Sharing a post from another person or company will get that post seen by all of their followers! This means if they’ve got 100 people following them then it’ll show up in 100 feeds.  If you do this regularly, it’s a very easy way of reaching hundreds or even thousands of new people.

Do you have 10 minutes to spare right now? 

Think about businesses that complement your own. Find those businesses on Facebook. Do they have a good page? Do they post things that might be interesting for your own followers? Would your followers be happy to learn about them? If so, share away!

Are you in a networking group like BNI? Think of the synergy you build by talking about other, high-quality businesses. 

TIP: Be sure to let these businesses know that you’re promoting them. And don’t hesitate to ask if they can reciprocate.

5 - Tag other businesses in your Facebook posts

If you’ve been running a business for any length of time, you know how hard it can be to find new customers.  Once your company is established and has a loyal following, most people won’t need much convincing to buy from you again. But what about those potential clients who have yet to discover your brand?

Let’s say you sell custom hats. If someone follows an organization on Facebook that sells clothing then they are likely interested in fashion trends. So why not tag the other businesses that sell similar items when posting pictures of new arrivals or sales?

Not sure how to tag a business? Read this comprehensive guide from MobileMonkey.

This helps both the reader and the tagged business. The first time a reader sees a Facebook post, they might not click on it. But if you tag another company in your message that is similar to yours then they may be more inclined to like or share it with their friends (which will show up in their followers’ newsfeeds too). This network effect can help create exponential growth from a single initial visitor!

TIP: Don’t forget to connect with the businesses that sell products you’re interested in!

If someone likes two companies who sell similar things, why wouldn’t they follow them both? It’s human nature – people want as much information as possible when making a decision!

6 - Write like a real person, not a "brand"

Most of the time people speak like they’re “just being themselves,” which many businesses are afraid to do because they don’t want to come off sounding too casual.

A more conversational tone can connect with customers and make them feel confident about pursuing your product or service.

You’ll also find that it will inspire more confidence in your business if you write in the same voice as you would use while speaking casually in person – after all, this is who you really are!

Positive customer responses are always associated with writing that connects deeply with customers and makes them feel like you understand what they need

7 - Don't be boring - Facebook likes fun content!

You don’t need to leave your personality behind when you’re running a business page on Facebook (unless you’re a grouch!). It’s not just okay, it’s a good idea to include a chuckle or two, or some other diversion.

Fun content makes your Facebook page more engaging. Your followers will enjoy the extra engagement, which making them more likely to share posts you publish with friends.

How can you add fun to your Facebook business page while staying “on focus?”

Add pictures and memes

Fun pictures and posts are an absolute must, especially if you want your followers and customers to feel connected with the company. People appreciate brands that make them laugh or smile more than they do brands who just post stories of their success.

screenshot from canva free meme generator
Canva has a FREE meme generator

Have a giveaway

Here’s another idea – have a giveaway!

Have a raffle and give away a product or service. Take a look at Rafflecopter. It’s not free, but it makes the process really simple.

Releasing a new product? Have a contest and reward the first 3 responders with a prize.

Pump it up a step and partner with a local charity to help promote them, or raise money.

Offer a discount

If you don’t want to run a giveaway, offer a discount.

Create urgency with a limit… you could offer it to “the first 3 people to respond.”

Or you can make it fun by asking them to post a funny anecdote, and offer the discount to the 3 that make you laugh the most. The possibilities are endless!

8 - Boost popular Facebook posts

Not all your posts will be a huge success, but when you do see a great response, boosting that post can help a lot.

Here are 3 reasons why it will be helpful to boost good Facebook posts:

  1. Boosting popular posts will show them on more people’s News Feeds.
  2. With more exposure, the post has a better chance of being seen by new people, and they might end up liking it or commenting because of the advertising.
  3. If you run an ad, boosting a popular post helps minimize the cost per impressions (CPM) by getting your ad in front of more people at a lower price.

9 - Respond to people who Like or Comment

There’s a reason it’s called “social media.” It’s a golden opportunity to create a relationship, and out of that build a following.

PLus, it’s not just polite, it’s a sign of appreciation. When you reply with a thank-you or a comment, it indicates that you are grateful for the person’s interest in your content.

You’re creating more engagement with your Facebook customers and followers. One of things you can do is mention them by name. When someone sees themselves mentioned they are far more likely to see it, and feel connected.

You can also use this as a tool to get feedback from current customers and generate ideas for new content.

10 - Tag influencers

Who are the influential people in your market? It’s a great idea to tag them in some of your posts!

  1. You want to build relationships with them and establish yourself as a thought leader in their industry.
  2. You want to get on their radar so they’ll give you a shout-out when they see something from you that inspires them.
  3. You’re helping your own audience by introducing them to helpful content.

11 - Ask people to help you grow your audience

You know what? People like to be helpful, and if you have some loyal followers they won’t mind at all if you occasionally ask for help!

You can put your request in an engaging image, since that’s a lot more likely to catch the eye. And just offer a heartfelt request like, “If you have gotten some value from my posts over the last few weeks I would really appreciate if you could share my page or recommend my services to a friend.”

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