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Accepted into the Meta Leaders Network!

This is pretty exciting! If your business meets a bunch of Meta’s requirements, you can apply to be part of the Meta (i.e. Facebook) Leaders Network. I thought I had what they needed, so I applied – and got accepted!

Very excited to participate in this program, to build connections and learn new tools and techniques to help my customers!

One of the benefits is they create a business story you can share. Here’s a picture of the story.

And here’s the text of the story – don’t they write well?

Monomoy Social Media Management and Consulting HARWICH, MA

For a decade, Nicole Porter delighted chocolate lovers from her kitchen, selling chocolates in shops on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and shipping the candy across the US.

After her three sons were born, however, she decided to change direction. She found her true sweet spot when she returned to marketing, which allowed her to apply her college degree and professional experience gained from successfully promoting her candy business on Facebook and Instagram.

In 2017, she founded Monomoy Social Media Management and Consulting to equip small businesses with social media tools and strategies that help them build their brands and increase revenue.

In addition to managing client social media accounts and ad campaigns, Nicole offers a Social Circle Resources program that provides members with ready-made posts, graphics and captions, along with community and support.

“I love using Facebook Groups—I run a private Group for participants of my program, and I’m a member of several others,” said Nicole, who attributes more than 30% of her sales to Meta apps. “It’s one of my favorite ways to grow my business, stay in contact with clients and meet new prospects. Groups have had the biggest impact not only for me but also my clients.” One of my successful Facebook ad campaigns gained me more than a dozen new members for my Social Circle Resources program.”

— Nicole Porter, Owner, Monomoy Social Media Management and Consulting facebook.com/Monomoysocial

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