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Hi, I’m Nicole. I help navigate the large and overwhelming world of social media by focusing on what is really important. I offer simple tips, strategic consulting, full-service maintenance across platforms and ads management.

I help small businesses create awareness for their brands, connection and real conversation with their customers and most importantly I help drive traffic to websites and brick and mortar locations which ultimately equals more sales.

Whichever level of support you are seeking I can help. Whether you are looking to have someone take over the day to day responsibilities of social media or just learn more so you can DIY.

I am a chocolatier turned digital marketer, and mom of 3 boys. After getting a degree in marketing from Assumption College, I spent 10 years owning and marketing my own small chocolate and ice cream shops on Cape Cod. During this time people were consistently asking me “How do you send all those great emails?” or “I always see you on Facebook/Instagram, teach me.”

Once I had my three sons, I decided to switch direction, get back to my roots and focus on marketing. Having been a small business owner for so many years I have a passion for helping smaller businesses get their products, services, and their message, out into the world.

Let’s chat about how I can help you.

Feedback & Reviews

“Nicole is a terrific resource for too-busy business owners wanting to succeed on social media. Not only does Nicole know what she’s doing, she is pleasant and patient!”

Michael Kemp

Kemp Resources

“Nicole is a seasoned LinkedIn professional design implementor. She offers valuable advice, tools and recommendations to customize one’s profile to have the maximum impact”

Angela Arthur

“When I stared working with Nicole  I had enough monthly viewers on Pinterest to count on one hand and now my page is close to 400K/month.”

Johanna Lynn

Copywriter at Dynamic

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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Do you struggle sometimes trying to figure out what to post?
Is it hard to always come up with fresh, brand new ideas?

10 Types of Posts to Use On Repeat

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